Saturday, August 22, 2009

SEIU Sends Thanks

This e-mail is intended for Ronnie Pineda and all members of Local 140.

Jesse, Maria and I would like to Thank You again for such a grand outpouring of hospitality that was given to us by the members of Teamsters Local 140.
The BBQ was such a success that we stayed to the end enjoying conversation with all . The Hamburgers were great and the two horse piƱatas were a real tribute to the Teamsters ( Thunder and Lightning ) I'm not sure I remembered their names correctly but I'm sure your granddaughter does. It was nice to be treated like family and to spend time with all your families and friends. The young women that won the 50/50 raffle were so cute, smart and had a lot of good conversation . I also enjoyed looking at pictures I have seen at latimespressmen 20yearclub also.
We had a Ball-------------------------THANK YOU TEAMSTERS

Donna Hernandez
Jesse Aranda
Maria Ybarra

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