Monday, July 27, 2009

Tribune Company Bonuses to Managers

Los Angeles Times Pressmens 20 Year Club: Tribune Company Bonuses to Managers

Wake up, this is insane......"The payouts will be between $21.5 million to $66.7 million, with 9 of the top 10 executives dividing $3.1 million among themselves".

What the F**k is "Incentivizing"? Is that even a word? Did Tribune hire Don King and Mike Tyson to write their memos? I understand the corporate drive to dumb down America but give us a break!

Screw their incentives,the average Joe's and Jane's incentive is to keep their F****N jobs!

Maybe if this company was flourishing and making a profit consisting of new money, rather than by dumping their "partners" bodies by the road to save the overhead they were viewed as, the notion of bonuses would probably go un-noticed. But that is definately not the case here.

If Tribune was true to a "performance based" bonus system, the recipients would receive absolutely nothing because that is what has been done to turn this once great newspaper around, absoulutely nothing!

This kind of news should really piss off anyone that continues to work for Tribune as well as those that have become lay-off victims of Zell's "alledged" Partnership.

These bonuses should be viewed as ROBBERY! CUT,CUT,CUT, POCKET THE SAVINGS! It's no wonder why this company is in F****N bankruptcy. All these corporations tanking, filing for bankruptcy, laying off workers and then they have the f****n gall, with permission from the courts,to line their pockets with bonuses that were"alledgedly" earned prior to the bankruptcy. How the hell did they earn bonuses when the company continues to plummet, taking quality reporters and long time employees along with it?

If they did indeed earn these bonuses, explain how they earned the money they are due to receive. Has their contribution at least yielded profits exceeding the amount that will be going into their accounts? I doubt it!When the hell will all of the pompus, greedy, incompetents be forced to share in the misery they create instead of placing it on the backs of the hard working employees of the Los Angeles Times?

What happened to the "Partnership" you spoke of so many times Sam? I guess we're only partners when you're being sued! How could we not be when Tribune pays your legal expenses!

Sam, how's about sending some of that bankruptcy bonus dough down stream to the people who actually do the work. Did the ESOP Board Of Trustees ask the Employees if this was O.K.? What, they didn't?

I'm gonna go puke now, this makes me F****N SICK!

Employee B"owned" Since 2oo8.Zell Failing Properties, All Rights Reserved (for Mgt only.)

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