Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Unemployment Contact Information and More

Several calls were received inquiring about Union contact information for Unemployment applications. Our Secretary Treasurer Linard Williams asked that we use the following address and phone number :

GCC/IBT Local 140-N
Secretary Treasurer
Linard Williams
25852 McDean Parkway Unit 312
Valencia, Ca. 91355

Phone: (818) 370-7051

For those currently employed, this address should also be used for sending Beck Objections for Agency Fee Payer dues as described in an earlier post and mailing. This is a requirement under the International Constitution and must be completed in writing in order to pay reduced monthly dues.

Also, the names and dues check-off applications of approximately 16-19 individuals were given to management, (Russ) on two separate occasions, which he claims to have not received. Linard hand delivered the forms and dues deductions will begin on the next deduction cycle.

Anyone having not submitted an authorization form can send any dues that are in arrears to the address above in the amount of $60.00 for the months of February and March. Dues are deducted on the second pay period of each month, so April's dues are due soon and can be included also. A letter informing those who have chosen to ignore their dues obligation will be notified and given an opportunity to bring their dues current. The Local will after that time begin to persue legal action to recover the delinqent amount owed to the Local and that future dues are to be received by the Secretary Treasurer when due.

Dues refunds are expected to be sent to any of the 63 employees laid off that were having dues automatically deducted prior to being disgracefully shown the door. Use the number above to contact Linard to see if your dues refund is on it's way.

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