Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quality on Time.

Our Number One Priority is to get a Quality Newspaper on the street, on time or we will all pay the ultimate price. That is why it is important that we understand the language below. We are making every possible effort to work with management to resolve our current issues.

No Strike/No Lockout

Section 3.1. No Strike. (a) During the term of this agreement there shall be no strikes, Sympathy strikes, work stoppages, slowdowns, boycotts, intentional interruption of production, delays or suspension of work of any nature, and no other acts that interfere with the Company’s operations or the production or sale of it’s products or services by the Union, it’s officers, agents or members, or by the employees. During the term of this agreement there shall be no lockout of any employees by the Company.

(b) The Union agrees that it will take every effort possible to discourage, prevent and end any strike or proscribed activity and will inform all employees who participate in such activity that is their individual responsibility.

(c) Any or all employees participating in any such activity proscribed herein shall be subject to disciplinary action, including discharge. In the event that a grievance is filed with respect to activity proscribed herein, the only question before the arbitrator shall be whether the employee engaged in the proscribed activity, s/he shall have no authority to rescind or otherwise modify the discipline imposed by the Employer.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight...
Ever since the contract was ratified the company has changed the way we do things to the letter of the law.Making us stay on the press every minute of the day except for our 10 minutes breaks and our now shortened by 5 minutes lunches.

If we do our jobs by the letter of the law we are slowing down production maliciously.


Can you say hypocrisy??

the only reason the union is here is because of Russ Newton and John Walker and their abuse

This just sounds like another phase of their ego maniacal reign of terror.

The supervisors do not agree with Russ's bullying tactics but they are all afraid to say anything because the may be fired for " not being with the program"

Where is our publisher during all this? Does he condone this behavior and bullying?

Eddy where are you?
step up to the plate sir.

Anonymous said...

safes ....don't forget the safes.....failure too use a safe will subject a individual to getting written up or fired ( I only speak for olympic )

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