Friday, October 10, 2008

Proposed Seniority List

Seniority is the cornerstone of the Union and our Seniority Number is an important aspect of our employment. It dictates what shift we work, which also determines our days off and when we take our vacation.

Thats why there were so many complaints when a combined 3 plant seniority list was created in 2005. Many of the placement decisions made by management were deemed incorrect by our peers. Management made several revisions based on employee input, finalized the list, and proceeded with the closure of Northridge.

There were many who still felt that their seniority number was left unresolved. The company stated that the list is of little importance to them so we took the resonsibility of making the corrections that were left unresolved.

A combined L.A./O.C. Pressroom Proposed Seniority List was given to Management on October 7th after months of work collecting information and verifying dates. The committee feels this list is as accurate as possible based on the various ways management assigned start dates for pressroom employees. Our intent was to address only the alledged errors that were a result of the consolidation of our shops. This list will be considered the "OFFICIAL" seniority list and will be set in stone if agreed to by management. At this point it is only a proposed Seniority list and requires managements acceptance.

This was done in the name of fairness and it was well understood that not everyone will agree with this list either but it is our belief that it is considerably more accurate than previously.

In the event that we were not able to verify someones claims, no changes were made.
To view or download a copy of the proposed Seniority List, Click here.
In Solidarity!


Anonymous said...

The list is still wrong. Tim Stock,Mike Reyes,Greg Mone,Dennis Dehaas,and John Handy it's time to speak up. You guys know the list is wrong. If John Greene and myself ( along with four others ) were never force transfered to Oly, we would be ahead of you guys. We went into the pressroom based on our company seniority.There were 12 positions open. Six in the O.C. Pressroom and six at Oly. We were to pick our first choice ( Oly or O.C. )and second choice with company seniority the basis of how you were slotted based on your pick(s). Al Clark put down Oly as his choice because he was living in Pasadena and wanted a shorter commute. I just put down O.C. as my choice because I knew I'd had enough seniority to stay in O.C. where I had worked for 16 tears. Mike Reyes didn't have enough senioity to stay in O.C. and he was off to Oly. It's not our fault we were forced transfered 6 months later and put understandably behind them for seniority in the "Olympic Pressroom" because too many people at Oly took the buyout.We were told that was "policy" that they were in Olympic first so they would remain ahead of us in the Olympic Pressroom.If instead the above mentioned names were force transfered to the O.C. plant, they would have been behind me on both O.C. Pressroom seniority and the "Master List". But when the "Master" list first came out we were still behind them.Why? I don't blame the Union for trying to get it right and not wanting to open a can of worms with some of other "situations", I blame management for not getting it right in the first place. But then again it's probably no big deal. We're only talking 5 or 6 spots. Right?
Steve Grant
O.C. Press Operator

Anonymous said...
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grandspud said...

Steve has a point.

That's the way I remembered it.

Steve and John only two guys versus five others but right is right.

julieandtim said...

I must respond to this absurd nonsense being promoted by Mr. Grant.
We all transferred to the PR as truckdrivers and carried that seiority with us and were placed accordingly.
I became a full-time driver in '84 and went on vacation relief the next year. At that time Steve, you were still a dockperson. Years later when you chose to become a truckdriver you dropped to the bottom of that seniority list behind myself, John Handy, Dennis Dehaas, Mike Reyes and a host of others.
It's that simple. You are where you deserve to be.
Tim Stock

Anonymous said...

Actually you are wrong. All of you guys were truck drivers. I was the only Dispatcher (lead) going into the Pressroom. I had already been a truckdriver and a relief truckdriver years earlier.I gave up a vouchered position to get in the pressroom.Once again we went into the pressroom slotted by our company seniority. Talk to your buddy John Greene.Or is that absurd?
Steve Grant

julieandtim said...

Don't need to talk to John Greene. That move would drop your seniority for the transfer even lower as per time spent at your new position.
I only wish that you had been part of the Oly apprentice class. Had your buddies in management attempted to slide you in front of us the resulting fireworks would have caused this issue to be addressed at that time. Fourteen years ago.
Tim Stock

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