Monday, May 19, 2008

The Senate stood up to Big Media

Dear Ronnie,

Just moments ago, by a near-unanimous vote, the Senate stood up to Big Media. They voted to throw out the FCC decision to let the largest media companies swallow up even more local media.

This is simply an astounding victory, and it would not have happened without the massive grassroots effort by you and thousands of others who called their senators, sent more than a quarter million letters, posted thousands of pictures and stories on, and testified at public hearings held by the FCC.

It was your dedication that made today's Senate win possible.
Today was a huge step forward, but there is still much to do. The fight against the FCC now moves to the House, where our elected representatives need to hear from us.

President Bush has promised that he will try to veto this bill. But tonight the Senate and the American people have spoken with one voice. This historic vote sends a clear message that the only people who support more media consolidation are Big Media lobbyists and the White House.

We are in this struggle to bring more minority ownership, diverse perspectives and independent voices to the media. We need to make media consolidation an election-year issue. And we need to start talking about how to break up the giant conglomerates.

Corporate news today -- with its propaganda pundits, horse-race election coverage, and celebrity gossip -- undermines our democracy. We must continue to speak out and demand that the public airwaves be used to actually serve the public.

In just three weeks, thousands of people will be gathering together in Minnesota to build the movement for better media. You can join them at the National Conference for Media Reform, just visit

For today, know that you played a key role in the fight for better media for all.

Thank you,
Josh Silver
Executive Director
Free Press Action Fund.
For those of you who joined the action committee and sent letters to your elected officials on Stop Big, know that you contributed to this decision by the senate. Hopefully this will force Sammy to Sell!
In Solidarity!

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C.RENEY said...

This is the Kind of thing we the people have to be aware of and support.These (super) companys cannot continue to go around the laws. The laws of this country are to protect us.Write your congress person and let them know how you feel.The president doesnt care! write him also and let him know the people will not stand for our country and our rights being bypassed.

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