Monday, April 21, 2008

Recent Negotiations

I apologize for having not posted any information from the recent negotiations. I have spent the last few days restoring my computer once again. I apparently picked up a virus while at the negotiations location. Their server must have been spreading this virus without their knowledge.

We met on Wednesday April 16Th and 17Th for negotiations and they, in my opinion, went well. International Representative Sonny Shannon re-joined the team and did an excellent job at the table representing our interests. Attorney Dave Meyers was also present representing the Union and also did an exemplary job presenting our proposals to the company.

We did exchange several proposals and counter proposals regarding Seniority, and another proposal regarding Arbitration. We did get alot closer to language we can both agree to. We will resume negotiations on April 30Th and May 1st with several more days in May.

Patience is our greatest asset at this point. We have to keep our eye on the prize, which is a Collective Bargaining Agreement" We all have to understand that this can and will take time. The company is obiously in no hurry to give us one and hopes that we will abandon the fight. That will not happen as long as we remain diligent in our efforts and build solidarity.

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