Thursday, December 06, 2007

consistently inconsistent pressmen

You pressmen who are sitting back watching the show going on are only further enabling this company to believe through our actions that they can do just about what they want.Step up and stand for something once in your life,you are constantly talking about wrongs done in the pressroom but have no balls to even wear a doggone shirt or take your whole lunch.That ten or fifteen minute bustout means more to you than your families security.None of us have any real security they can ignore seniority or do anything to us because of you wishy washy grown ass men. wake up brothers and sisters don't let this chance we have,maybe our last chance to better our lives with Teamter support pass us bye.This union is only as solid as we want it to be, stop cheating yourself.We all have given a large part of our lives being a part of this once proud bird, enduring horrible shifts, holidays at work instead of with families.I think we deserve alot more than we get, don't you?You don't have to walk around in fear you know the rules go by the letter, you should be anyhow man this is America land of the free. We are only as strong as you individually want to be.Together we stand divided we fall.Show support for the union get off the wall. Stand up!

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