Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Message from Negotiation Committee Member Lance Farrar

My fellow pressman & women,

We have begun negotiations and although you don't know all the details of the proceedings, you are all right there sitting at the table with us, the negotiating team that you voted for.

You have given us our marching orders through the surveys you filled out, and as we seek to achieve our first contract, we go with you in mind and beside us even though you are not physically in the room.

You do have a part to play and you are negotiating everyday at work through your actions, so wear your hats, buttons, shirts and pins and let the company and management know that you stand by your team and that you want a fair and just contract that we all deserve.

Let us all go forward now, united as one, strong and un-wavering in our goal.

Your Fellow Pressman,
Lance Farrar

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