Monday, September 03, 2007

Where are we now?

Sorry for the absence but alot has been going on lately, most of which I am unable to post here due to management's regular visits to our site. I can tell you that the negotiation committee met on Sunday and we are closer to completing our contract proposals.

We do have confirmed and agreed dates to begin negotiations and they are November 1st, 14th and 27th. Those dates were proposed by management's Lead Counsel and we accepted them in good faith to get the process moving. We have requested dates in blocks as opposed to single days in attempts to expedite the negotiations.

I have also been receiving numerous complaints from bargaining unit employees in Los Angeles about how they are being treated by management. I have heard that supervisors and management themselves are saying that we don't have a contract and that the union can't do anything for us. They are about to find out how wrong they are once again.

We have to remember why we voted for representation, and that is a CONTRACT!
Stay United and look out for eachother.

There is no plausible reason for the way our fellow brothers and sisters are being treated other than Johnny Walker's obsession to control literally everything and everyone in the pressroom. What ever happened to all the values management used to speak of?
Did someone forget to tell Johnny what they are? Napoleon Syndrome at it's finest. Now you all know why the results of their survey last year have never been addressed, because they were very unfavorable towards management. Respect your workers and stop making the pressroom a HOSTILE environment. It didn't work in San Diego and it won't be tolerated here any longer. Fear, intimidation, threats and hostility toward your subordinates are not leadership values to be respected.
(revised) Negotiation date correction. The date 0f the 4 was a typo missing the (1) and is actually the 14th. My apologies.

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