Sunday, September 24, 2006

We've all heard what has happened with our former drivers and Ryder. It appears that this is an effort by the Company and Ryder to de-stabilize the union and use this to undermine our efforts to organize our shops. The timing of this decision should be considered very suspect. The fact of the matter is that The Teamster drivers negotiate with Ryder not The Times or Tribune. So they determine just how much work is allocated to Ryder.
The former drivers have been victims of Tribunes cost cutting measures and several are again victims. The fact that they are Represented by The Teamsters has insured that they will be able to retain employment elsewhere.
This is another reason why we need to accomplish our mission and become Union Represented Teamsters, then and only then will we be able to support one another when The L.A. Times and Tribune come looking for fast cash.
The Drivers have expressed their support for our effort and in light of these recent events, they are encouraging you even more so to not fail.
The Company is jeopardizing our security and the security of our property by allowing a criminal element onto the property. The drivers they have hired to deliver the loads they referred to have been witnessed using marijuana in the parking lots in O.C. and I have heard of lockers being broken into. In Los Angeles there was a rash of lockers being broken into shortly after the Company began to allow non-Times employees into the building.
So once again we are put at risk in their effort to save a buck.


Anonymous said...

The Teamsters really saved those LAT Ryder drivers- NOT.

Anonymous said...

They sure made things better for them in the mean time though.

They gained back some of their lost Wages that they lost starting at Ryder. The Health Care Plan they had puts our's to shame.

Did you think that the Teamsters were the reincarnation of Jesus?

Never heard any promises about saving your Job. Only that they would help to improve conditions on the Job. And that they did.

What happened is a lower wage replaced an existing wage.
Something thats happening all over America.
It's called the, "War on the Middle Class".
And it's being won because of the " Oh well, it's happening all over" attitude.

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