Friday, March 06, 2015

Arbitrator, Mark Burstein's Seniority Grievance Decision

  Gciu 140-n and La Times

This Decision and Award, along with Arbitrator, John McClean's Operator Seniority Decision and Award, both of which, clearly states that "ALL" meaning EVERYONE/EVERYBODY, is to pick their Crew BY SENIORITY, no exceptions, no exclusions, ALL!
(Does not apply to Roller Crew, Reelroom Coordinator positions, or positions without seniority as described in the C.B.A.)
Seniority will continue to prevail when picking within each of those voucher positions.

Arbitrator McClean's decision can also be viewed by clinking on the Scribd link. Thank you to all the Members for your patience and diligence in waiting for this decision. Although your officers and legal counsel, Adam Stern, defended the Contract in a timely manner, Arbitrator, Burstein unfortunately fell ill, resulting in the delay.

The Union's position is that the Company immediately create new Crew Schedules for picking by Seniority in compliance with Arbitrator, Burstein's "Cease and Desist" Order.

Congratulations Brothers and Sisters!
Ronnie Pineda

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